Peer Advisory Boards

Under the PRO-Advisory LLC business, we operate professionally facilitated peer advisory boards for owners, presidents, chief operating officers, and senior level managers of emerging and mid-sized organizations.

The PRO-Advisory boards are dedicated to improving personal and company performance by providing an ongoing forum for guidance and planning. PRO-Advisory boards are coordinated to offer members an environment to candidly address problems, opportunities, challenges, and experiences with their peers who have dealt with similar situations in their businesses.

It’s Lonely at the Top!

Being part of a PRO-Advisory group takes away the feeling of being alone

You have come a long way on your own. Now you can have support to help you handle the challenges and opportunities facing your organization.

We bring together executives from similarly sized but non-competing companies in working peer advisory groups. Some of the benefits of group membership include:

  • Suggested solutions to your most pressing problems
  • Ideas that can help your organization today
  • Innovative ideas in a think-tank environment
  • Your own master-mind group of your business peers

Yes, your business can have an advisory board made up of your peers! Your Pro-Advisory Board is like having your own personal board of directors without the expense and legal complications of a formal board of directors.

You may be in business for yourself but by being part of a PRO-Advisory group you are not in business by yourself.


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