Consulting and Coaching

PRO-Associates Business Consulting

Specialists in marketing and sales to help with your business development strategies 

PRO Associates is the business consulting arm of Professional Resources Organization, LLC.  The overall goal of all consulting engagements is to help the client become more successful.  The role of the PRO Associates consultants varies significantly depending on the needs of the client.  We do not use a cookie-cutter approach to handling the client’s requirements.

If you are not totally satisfied with your existing strategies and plans perhaps it is time to gain a new perspective on the business.  PRO Associates have the experience and skills to guide you through the important strategic planning process.  We can help to create workable specific actionable plans and initiatives.  We have a hands-on approach to consulting and we assist in the implementation to help assure your success.  If your staff is already stretched thin with their daily activities we can provide the resources to help implement the new initiatives you need to move out in front of the rest of the pack.

PRO-Associates Interim Management

Add to your staff without adding to your permanent payroll

Many business owners and Chief Executive Officers are thriving by tapping into interim sales and marketing leadership where they can access talent and expertise to meet today’s needs and the challenges of tomorrow.  The skills and experience of PRO Associates are available for these interim, part-time, or project roles as needed.  We are available to help you build and run your sales and marketing departments on a temporary or part-time basis.  You get the expertise you need and it is typically for much less than the fully loaded cost of a permanent manager.  We can be part of your team for long-term or short-term engagements depending on your needs.

Who are the PRO Associates consultants?

John Rouse is the principal consultant and interim manager for the PRO Associates business.  John has very broad experience in business management. He has worked in small, midsize, and large organizations including small start-ups and two large Fortune 500 firms.  His business roles have covered a wide range of functions and have included the titles of President, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Director of Marketing, and Sales Manager.  As a partner in a business consulting firm for several years John also had the opportunity to gain a wide range of exposure to many different size companies and numerous business situations.  As a member of several trade association and business boards of directors he has provided guidance to individuals and their leadership teams.

John combines his extensive business background with a certification in executive coaching, a master’s degree in management, and he is also an accredited small business consultant.  John is the lead manager for all client engagements.  From time to time John uses outside specialists to assist on certain projects.  He makes sure that all Pro-Associates consultants and interim managers working under his guidance have the proper credentials and experience for the assignment.

What exactly is Business Consulting or Business Coaching?

A business consultant works with clients on making the business more efficient or profitable.  This includes things such as organizational strategy, planning, implementation,and problem solving.  A Business Coach helps the client create success by making the business more effective.  This includes creating an environment for growth of the business by improving methods, systems, procedures, and personal development.  At PRO Associates we actually combine both consulting skills and coaching skills to provide unique value to our clients during our consulting engagements.

There are many reasons to work with a business consultant.  Some of these include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current business situation
  • New strategy development
  • Creation of new business plans
  • Guidance in plan implementation
  • Developing the business through sales and marketing tactics
  • Improving executive and staff performance

To schedule an appointment to discuss how the PRO Associates might be helpful to you
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