Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Our definition of executive coaching is “A regular one-on-one meeting with a trained facilitator, designed to produce specific, positive changes in business behavior in a fixed time frame.” Executive coaching can be the shortest point between where a person is and where they want to be. Professional Resources Organization uses the comprehensive PRO Coaching process for all coaching engagements.

What is the PRO Executive Coaching Process?

The PRO process is an executive coaching engagement that is designed to help executives achieve a higher level of professional success. This proven process focuses on the behavioral components of executive activity.

Our philosophy is that your strengths got you to where you are today. There is usually a weakness in business behavior that keeps you from getting to the next level. It’s not as easy as working on strengths but working on weaknesses get profound results.

The PRO executive coaching process moves through six consecutive phases facilitated by the coach. The coach acts as a guide to the executive to recommend the best routes and paths for achieving the desired pinnacle of accomplishment. Along the route the PRO coach guides the executive and selects the most appropriate set of available assessments, tools, and exercises to assist in this climb to the pinnacle.

The typical engagement is completed over a 12-week period. During this time the executive commits to one weekly meeting with the coach that is one hour long and also the completion of assigned exercises in between these one-on-one meetings. The executive client leaves the coaching sessions with a plan to sustain and build on the progress that has been achieved.

The PRO coaching process is acknowledged as a leader in the executive coaching field. It is recognized as utilizing an executive coaching certification program granted by well-known universities. All PRO executive coaches must successfully complete the university training and certification requirements.

Who Should Consider PRO Coaching?

Leaders and managers at all levels can benefit from participating in the executive coaching process.  This process has been successfully used by companies and organizations of all sizes.

Executive Coaching Certification from Miami University:

John Rouse – Executive Coach

“For more information on PRO-Executive Coaching go to www.PRO-ExecutiveCoach.com or call us at 513-228-0842”.