About Us

Professional Resources Organization (PRO) was founded in 2014 by John Rouse with the mission of helping companies improve both business development and organizational performance.  The associates of PRO are led by Mr. Rouse.  He started PRO by offering a range of business coaching and consulting services to emerging and mid-sized companies.  The specific offering of services is tailored to meet each individual client’s needs.

John Rouse, Business Advisor

John’s business and organizational experience is extensive.  He held sales and marketing management positions with Corning, Inc. before becoming Vice President and General Manager of a division of International Paper Company.  After several years as a partner of a management consulting firm he joined GMI Companies where he served as Senior Vice President and then Division President until 2013.  John received his B.A. degree from Thomas More College and his M.A. degree in Management from the McGregor School of Antioch University.  He earned Executive Coaching Certification from Miami University, and he is accredited in small business consulting through the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants.  John has served on the board of directors of several trade associations.  He has also been an adjunct instructor in management and marketing at Sinclair College and Wright State University.  His consulting with clients has included companies in many industries and consists of organizations ranging from small emerging companies to divisions of large corporations.

John serves as the principal executive of PRO and oversees all client projects.  When needed the PRO staff is supplemented by contracted specialists to provide the expertise that is appropriate for each client’s situation and needs.

PRO provides companies with professional services related to both Business Development and Organizational Development functions.

The foundation of PRO services is our business advisory and coaching services.  We refer to this as PRO Advisory.  Our work can range from evaluation of the business through strategy development, planning, and implementation when needed. See us at www.pro-advisory.com.

We also provide coaching for business owners and individual executives.  PRO Executive Coaches are trained and certified in the PRO Coaching process of executive coaching. This comprehensive process combines the best from several executive coaching programs and focuses on identifying needs and opportunities related to effective business behavior. See us at http://www.pro-executivecoach.

As a strategic business partner of Wiley International, the PRO team has the products and professional services of the world’s largest assessment firm available at all times for clients. Wiley International has the largest selection of pre-hire and post-hire assessments available for both employee selection and organizational development purposes. PRO Assessment Specialists have received extensive training in the Wiley PXT Select products and applications.

PRO also provides facilitated peer advisory boards through its PRO-Advisory unit. The PRO-Advisory Board Facilitators have prior peer group membership and advisory board experience. They have received training in the PRO-Advisory system. See us at http://www.pro-advisoryboard.com.

Our services and products are designed to help develop high-performing organizations.  We can play an important role in helping to develop your organization and your people.

The headquarters for the Professional Resources Organization is in the Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio metro area. Many services are available for clients throughout The United States.

“Contact us when you are ready to go PRO”.